Rovers(Sigurd's Hut)

Rovers in Sigurd's Hut, in Normal Mode

Rovers(Sigurd's Hut)-HardMode

Rovers in Sigurd's Hut, in Hard Mode

Sigurd's hut is a special location north of the Lintu Camp and located in the Tribal region. It exists in Story Mode only.

Initially has 2 (3 on hard) rovers.

Locations Edit

Sigurd's Hut Edit

  • Free 100 kg storage
  • Initially contains 1.3 Lizard Meat, 0.8 Snake Meat, 3 Jerboa Meat, 8 Water, 1 Small Metal Jerrycan, 10 Glass Bottle, Spencerism, Case #836, and 45 9mm Parabellum LRN

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • None

New Industries Edit

  • None