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Sacred Place

Kivi Camp


To praise Spencer Rice


Spencerism is a religion accidently created by Spencer Rice in Kivi Camp when he was looking for a safe place and workforce for his agricultural experiments about twenty years before the game.

When he started negotiating with them, at first he tried to explain them the nature of his work in simple scientific terms, but they never understood a thing. It turn out that they didn't know the first thing about science and based their understanding of the world on nothing, but superstitions, and he had no other choice, but to start talking to them in their language, replacing complicated concepts by simpler metaphors they could understand, like talking to little children.

It worked really well in the beginning. They seemed to understand the purpose of his work and he saw that some of them actually started looking at things from a more rational perspective. But it didn't last long.

When they saw the first results of Spencer work, they were utterly amazed and started to attribute divine powers to him. Finally it all grew into just another big superstition, and it became even worse with time. Each time they retell the story, they exaggerate things even more trying to impress the audience and now Spencer Rice is some sort of god, according them.

When Spencer was trying to convince them to let him use their land, he bought them an ancient can of green peas. He paid a terrible lot of money for it, but back then he didn't have access to any fresh peas and he had to show Kivi what he was trying to proce. They liked the peas and kept the empty can. Then at some point somebody decided that picture of the green man on the can was actually Spencer Rice. Spencer is partly glad it developed this way, so at least they don't recognize him very easily anymore.

With all those "miracles" Spencer Rice performed, it becomes easy to people accept him as a god, so Spencerism gain great influence in Kivi and even grow far beyond the tribe to places like Murray Hill, in Janubi region.

Spencer Rice managed to insert a lot of pacifism into the religion. When he first met Kivi, they were a very aggressive tribe that harassed their neighbors all the time.

The religion was studied by Sigurd when he was trying to find a way to defeat Drekar, and he wrote his findings in the book Spencerism.