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Orth Statistics

Checking a city' supplies in the "Statistics" menu

Availability of supplies is based on if (1) the supplies are being produced enough to be visited frequently, (2) the supplies are being produced at a stable, high rate, or (3) if the town is frequently visited by caravans to have a large surplus of supplies.

Region Location Water Forage Fuel Food
Tribal Drekar Camp
Tribal Kivi Camp
Tribal Lintu Camp
Tribal Pullid Camp
Tribal Saxaul Tree
Tribal Sigurd's Hut
Tribal Silos
Tribal Your Bunker
Alkubra Araten
Alkubra Bleik
Alkubra Camp
Alkubra Confusion
Alkubra Fort Mitchell
Alkubra Huira
Alkubra Kevin's House
Alkubra Lago
Alkubra Lost
Alkubra Mundschau
Alkubra Narizian Colony
Alkubra New Serino
Alkubra Orth
Alkubra Regin's Camp
Alkubra Saint Billy's Grave
Janubi Botxo
Janubi Cotton Fields
Janubi Hempton
Janubi Iselin
Janubi Jack's Gambit
Janubi La Croixille
Janubi Mikaze
Janubi Mimb
Janubi Murray Hill
Janubi Ozbet
Janubi Scrapyard
Janubi Shikendo
Janubi Tifk
Janubi Tobar
Janubi Toowoomba
Janubi Twin Rivers
N/A Northway
Qubba Caganel
Qubba Diep Gat
Qubba Drushlak
Qubba Fort Goks
Qubba Gamal Met
Qubba Goedewil
Qubba Hara
Qubba Kulin
Qubba Libertatem
Qubba Masriah
Qubba Milloshigrad
Qubba Nirgendwo
Qubba Obelisk
Qubba Okaidi
Qubba Paper Town
Qubba Patrolton
Qubba Qubba
Qubba Sandstorm Basin
Qubba Smerd
Qubba Tara'koona
Qubba Thu'wal
Qubba Zonderhoop
Federation Arton
Federation Ausz
Federation Blondsville
Federation Brew Sleeves
Federation Britonia
Federation Condare
Federation Crater City
Federation Dagmar
Federation Gilead
Federation Heiselle
Federation Iobagdad
Federation Kowloonia
Federation Laurel
Federation Romagna
Federation Sabaton
Federation Shadheen 71
Federation Shosta
Federation Sogndal
Federation Toho Sands
Federation Valentingrad
Federation Vatefaire