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To govern and expand the Federation region


Fiston Diputtan


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The President of The Northern Federation

The President of The Northern Federation

"They say that they bring order, peace and prosperity, and they're right in a sense. They do reduce violence and improve economy in the regions they capture, but they take much more valuable things from them like their freedom and their dignity. They claim that everybody in the Federation loves being part of it... well, of course, because anyone who dares not to love it is immediately executed. The most terrifying thing, though is that many people sincerely believe that the Federation is the best place on Earth. Their leaders are real propaganda experts. They brainwash their people really well. If it was only the fear, there would be those who are brave enough to fight the regime and break it from the inside, but it's much worse. A mixture of fear and love for their country gives their leaders truly unlimited power, which is what they were looking for in the first place, of course. Believe it or not, but their supreme leader calls himself a president for a reason. He was democratically elected by the absolute majority of the people... well... By the majority of those whom he decided to keep alive, of course."

- Nikuban about the Federation

The Federation used to be just one town in the far north, but then it started expanding capturing the surrounding areas, and now it's a huge empire that keeps growing continuosly.

They are secretly disgusted with the Qubba Government's defiance from annexation.

The Federation's flag have the symbol of the Church of Man of Zinc in its center, what reveals some connection between the church and the government. This could explains why the Federation treated Kukul's family well when they fled the from Qubba for their religion, and why the Federation Army killed Emilia's baby using a demon killer ritual known by demon hunters of the Church of the Man of Zinc.

Includes the following groups:

  • Federation Army
  • Federation Police

Includes the following towns:

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