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Trade Routes Janubi

Janubi Trade Route

When editing, please do so in Source Editor as editing in visual editor will cause double spaces in the tables. These double spaces can end up moving the alignment for the goods and prices, confusing readers. Information on how to use source editor for the tables can be seen below. Also, please follow the rules below when editing in order to make the tables accurate, organized, and useful.


  1. Always use the true value of prices (See below)
  2. Always use decimals for prices
  3. Never use goods that have unstable prices
    1. Unstable goods will change prices after buying or selling it in under 30 units in true value
  4. Always alphabetize the goods
    1. Two worded goods like milk and meat are alphabetized by the second word then the first
  5. Only use goods that can be easily procured or produced in the region
    1. Example: Selling Cannabis in Janubi can be easily procured but not in Qubba where it is too distant and has no cannabis-producing towns.
  6. Only use goods that are sensible trade goods in the town.
    1. Example: It's not sensible to sell leather to a town that only buys it for 15.00 per unit

True Value[]

True value of the price of a good in a certain town without the influence of other caravans. The best method to find it would be for the good to follow these rules in the market, though this is not a perfect method so there may be exceptions. The method will mainly be used to find the town with the best price to buy or sell a certain good.

True Values for Buying Goods[]

  1. The price must stay constant after buying 10-30 units of the good.
  2. The good must be produced by the town.

True Values for Selling Goods[]

  1. The price must stay constant after selling 10-30 units of the good.
  2. The good must be consumed by the town.
  3. The market must not have any unit of the sold good in it.