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Starting Map

Map of the Tribal Region

Your Bunker[]

As you start the game you will be heading towards Your Bunker. You'll then be engaged in a conversation with Chairman Brass, who will ask you to find Olaf and bring him back to the bunker. After you finish your conversation, you'll be able to interact with the bunker. It is recommended to go to Your Room and take the map, small knife, and first aid. Read the map. Afterwards, you should take all the food from the Storeroom and as much water as possible. Speaking to Emilia will initiate the side-quest as well as giving you ammo (You get more if you choose good dialogue). Be sure to heal yourself at the Doctor, who is completely free.

It is suggested that you use your gun sparingly and only with high accuracy against difficult enemies such as the Drekar Raiders. Ammunition will be difficult to come by in the entire Tribal region, with only a handful being sold at a time in the Lintu Camp so be sure to buy them whenever you can.

In game, outside of a town, you can enter in the settings and set everything to your preference. It should be noted that both "Collect Forage" and "Hunt" will lower your speed by 5% for a total of 10% if both are activated.

The beginning of the game can be especially difficult. Be cautious whenever embarking on missions before you have handled the basic game concepts, and save often.

Searching for a clue to Olaf's Whereabouts[]

  1. Speak to Chairman Brass at Your Bunker
  2. Speak to Cricket at Silos
  3. Speak to Kukul at Lintu Camp
  4. Optional: Bring ~30 kg of Insects to Kukul
  5. Optional: Travel to Drekar Camp
  6. Speak to Apis at Pullid Camp
  7. Give Apis 5 cleavers and 50 crossbow bolts
  8. Meet with Lois

After you have spoken with Chairman Brass in Your Bunker, your next destination will be to Silos, a town close by to the north. Once there, you'll find Cricket and be told that Silos, which used to be a town, has been mostly abandoned with him being the only resident left. You can ask him about the region, the tribes, and the history. After you have asked him every question possible you can trade with him and buy insects, which sell for a high price in the next town, the Lintu Camp. If you for whatever reason don't have all the town locations in the Tribal region then you can read the map that you got from Your Room in Your Bunker.

Once you have finished your business in Silos, head north to the Lintu Camp . Here you can sell your map and first aid kit (If you don't want it) at the general store. Look at the Trade Routes page to get more information on economics, trade, etc. Speak to Kukul, the tribe leader, who will offer to help you speak with the Drekar (who will otherwise ignore you). In return, Kukul will require compensation in insects. After accept the quest you can go back to the bunker and pick up a golden ring from Chairman Brass to pay for the insects. Bring Kukul the insects, and you will receive an escort who is extremely adept in battle.

Travel to the Drekar Camp and speak with Fafnir. You may choose to press him for information, though he will eventually reveal that a man matching Olaf's description passed through some time ago. Fafnir will then offer more information in exchange for your help in destroying a band of female warriors who are humiliating his men. He then directs you to the Pullid Camp.

Arriving in the Pullid Camp, convince Apis that you are there to help his people. Depending on your conversation choices, he may ask that you bring him 5 cleavers and 50 crossbow bolts. This quest will also give you the option to ask a golden ring from Chairman Brass, but he will give you only one ring per game. After doing so he will ask you to return in 12 hours to speak with the leader of the female warrior band, Lois. Speaking to Lois, she explains that the only way to defeat the Drekar is with the help of the Kivi, who unfortunately are extremely isolationist. She suggests infiltrating the Kivi Camp and convincing them to help, though this will require Kukul's help. She also reveals to you the location of her hideout, the Saxaul Tree.

From this point you may wish to continue helping "the good guys" (Lois, Pullid, Lintu, Kivi) or help the Drekar instead.

(Option 1) Defeating the Drekar with the Kivi[]

  1. Speak to Kukul at Lintu Camp
  2. Travel to Sigurd's Hut
  3. Speak to Apis at Pullid Camp
  4. Speak to Marco at Kivi Camp
    1. Answers: 2, 1, 2
    2. Optional: Give Spencerism to Kukul at Lintu Camp
  5. Speak to Orion at Kivi Camp
  6. Speak to Sigurd at Kivi Camp
  7. Travel to Araten and bring Spencer Rice to Kivi Camp
  8. Travel to Drekar Camp and speak to Fafnir
  9. (optional) Defeat the Drekar

Travel to Lintu and speak to Kukul, who will explain that the book on the Kivi Religion, Spencerism, is to the north in the now-deceased Sigurd's Hut. Travel there and defeat two or three Rovers, including one with a Luger, and retrieve all of the hut's contents. Read the book 'Spencerism', then travel to the Kivi Camp. There, Marco will ask you questions on Spencerism. Answer correctly (2, 1, 2) and you will be allowed into the camp.

If you fail Marco's test, return to the Saxaul Tree and explain to Lois that the Kivi will not help. Lois will then reveal the locations of Araten and New Serino, and suggests you search the first for help while avoiding the second. At this point you may simply begin the Aklubra Questline, or help the Drekar instead. Also, if you give the book to Kulkul. You will have to choice to tell Fafnir that Kulkul is searching for allies to defeat Drekar. After that you may return to the Lintu Camp and inform Kulkul that Fafnir is going to kill him. Which results in Kulkul leaving the camp. And then when you talk to Lois again. She will tell you that Lintu is asking for forgiveness and will ally with Lintu to fight the Drekar. After defeating Drekar, talk to Lois and she will tell you that you should head to New Serino to find Calvin. And you can also recruit Spencer Rice before going to New Serino.

Inside the camp, speak to Orion, the head shaman, and inform her of the situation.Despite the many different arguments you put forward for a Kivi intervention, Orion adamantly maintains Kivi's isolationist policy. However, she reveals to you that Sigurd is in fact alive and well in the camp. Speak to Sigurd, who tells you that Spencer Rice, the 'god' of Kivi Religion, is in fact living in Araten.

Travel to Araten and speak to Spencer Rice, who turns out to be a biological scientist. He explains that his helping the Kivi grow crops led them to worship him, whilst identifying him as the green man on a tin of peas. He laments that being a god is exhausting work and initially refuses to return with you, but will eventually yield to your requests. Bring the 'god' back to the Kivi Camp and present him to Orion, who will be overawed by his presence. There, Spencer Rice briefly lectures Orion on humanism, who continues to be overawed.

Spencer Rice then takes you aside and explains that he would like to avoid bloodshed, and appoints you as the Kivi Emissary with the aim of pacifying the Drekar. If you talk to Sigurd he will explain that his client would pay handsomely to have the Drekar defeated, and asks you to sabotage the talks.

Travel to the Drekar Camp, and explain the situation to Fafnir. After he finishes discussing with his people, he agrees to leave the region. Beware, as excessively aggressive negotiation will result in your throat being cut, and receiving a game over. Whatever the outcome of your negotiations, return to the Kivi Camp and speak with Spencer Rice. You can tell him that the Drekar have accepted your terms, or that they declare war on the Kivi, after which Sigurd congratulates you and Spencer Rice reluctantly sends out the Kivi forces.

If you did not return immediately to the Kivi Camp, the Drekar may already have left the region and therefore be unable to be defeated. If you choose war with the Drekar, you may accompany the Kivi Warriors who will defeat the Drekar. Upon their return, Spencer can volunteer himself to join your caravan, although Sigurd has vanished, along with his promised reward. Spencer joining you depends on the number of casualties among the Kivi.

With the Drekar gone (or defeated), search the Drekar Camp and find a letter written to Fafnir from a certain Calvin. Travel to Kukul, he will tell you Calvin is in New Serino to continue the main story.

(Option 2) Defeating the Drekar with the Lintu[]

  1. Speak to Kukul at Lintu Camp
  2. Travel to Sigurd's Hut
  3. Travel to the Lintu Camp and speak with Kukul (show him the case file)
  4. Travel to Drekar Camp and speak to Fafnir
  5. Defeat at least 3 Drekar warbands

If you take this path, you convince Fafnir to attack the Lintu by telling him that Kukul knows about his treasure. This gains you a lot of "Untrustworthy" reputation. Then, as the Drekar warbands set out, attack them (getting you even more bad rep). If you defeat at least 3 warbands, the Lintu defenders will be able to defeat the remainder and the Drekar will have been defeated. Kukul will thank you and Spencer may join you.

If you don't defeat at least 3 war bands, the Drekar will overwhelm the Lintu forces and destroy the Lintu Camp. You won't be able to heal your animals there any more, but you can rebuild the camp from scratch and own everything.

If you defeat the Drekar AFTER they defeat the Lintu, the Lintu Camp will still have been razed to the ground, but the Drekar will also have been defeated.

If the Drekar destroy the Lintu, you can defeat the Drekar either with the Pullid, or with the Kivi.

NOTE: If you didn't obtain Calvin's contact info from Fafnir, either through giving Lois's whereabouts to him or threatening him with the Kivi, you won't be able to progress the story.

(Option 3) Defeating the Drekar with Lois[]

If you ally with Lois and the Pullid, you'll basically have to kill all the Drekar yourself.

There are actually 4 ways to get Lois to attack the Drekar:

  1. Show up with a high toughness reputation and tell her your crew are enough by themselves.
  2. Show up with a large group and tell her you have the manpower
  3. Convince Fafnir to kill Kukul. Whether Kukul dies or escapes, the Lintu will reconcile and ally with the Pullid. You will then have to defeat most of the Drekar bands yourself.
  4. Convince Fafnir to destroy the Lintu, then convince Lois and the Pullid that since the Drekar have been weakened, this is a good opportunity to strike.

It is not possible to convince both the Kivi and the other tribes to attack the Drekar at the same time. If you set up the Kivi war, the Drekar will have fled the region the moment you get in contact with any tribe other than the Kivi and if you set up the Kivi war first, it will end before you can reach Lois.

You can also make Lois attack the Drekar AFTER they fight the Kivi (if you make the Drekar win by attacking the Kivi), provided you have enough toughness rep.

For all of these sub-options, and the first one especially, you will need to do a fair amount of work in the Akulbra region (and possibly beyond that) in order to raise and arm your army.

(Option 4) Helping the Drekar[]

  1. Obtain the location of the Saxaul Tree
  2. Inform Fafnir of Lois' secret hideout

After Lois reveals to you the hideout of her warriors, you may inform Fafnir of this. Fafnir will reward you with information leading you to New Serino and Calvin, while he sends out a unit of Drekar Warriors, which you are informed has massacred Lois and her band. Thereafter you will receive a blow to your relation with the Pullid, and Apis will refuse to speak with you.

This path, while easier, is not recommended if you wish to aid the Liberation Army later in the game.

If you kill the Drekar Warband, another one will be sent out. If you kill this one too, Lois will be safe. You can then inform Fafnir again to trigger more warbands. If you are confident in your ability to kill Drekar Warbands, this is a good way to very rapidly generate a lot of enemies, at tremendous cost to your reputation. (As meat sells for over $1000 per kilo in the Drekar Camp, plus the Leather Jackets and Vests you get, this can be one of the more lucrative options)

Maximum Greed Option[]

It is possible to destroy 3 Tribes completely, rebuild them from scratch, and own everything yourself.

Get Fafnir to attack the Lintu as per option 2. Then have the Kivi attack the Drekar as per option 1, but wait for one side to wipe out the other, then finish off all the warbands of the survivors.

(It's untested, but dialogue indicates it may be possible for the Pullid and Lintu to unite against the Drekar. If this is indeed the case, it may be possible to kill the Pullid as well)

Note that there is no possible way to recruit Spencer Rice if the Kivi are destroyed, as he does not reappear in the Kivi camp until at least one intact Kivi Warband returns to camp, and if one intact Kivi Warband returns to camp, the Kivi will not be destroyed.

Old Walkthrough[]

Right as you begin the game you need talk to the chairman of the bunker where you live. This conversation is very important to the story line and is recommended to read. It does not matter what things you choose to say, there will still be the same outcome. Chairman Brass tells you how you must go find Olaf. He tells you to look in the nearest town, Silos. upon arriving, you talk to a man named Cricket, who tells you that Olaf always used to visit his neighbor. He will tell you to ask the tribes about the matter. It is recommended to ask Cricket about all the nearby camps, because once he explains them they will be put on the map. Go to the Lintu Camp and speak with the leader Kukul. He tells you that if you give him 25kg or 30kg (varies) of crickets he will send a man with you that will allow you to go to Drekar without getting attacked. Once you have done that, go to Drekar and talk with Fanfir. He will tell you where Olaf is if you find Lois and her female warriors. Go to the Pullid camp and speak with Apis. Tell him you want to help, it does not matter what the reason is. He will tell you to go buy 5 cleavers and 50 crossbow bolts. After you get the materials, he will tell you to meet Lois in 12 hours. Make sure you don't miss the appointment, because after that you only have one more chance. When you talk to Lois she will tell you the plan about trying to convince Kivi to attack Drekar. First you need to find the book on Spencerism. Go to the Lintu camp and talk to Kukul. He will tell you that you can get the book from some rovers who live in a hut north of there. Upon arrival, you are attacked by two rovers. It is an easy fight and after you kill them, loot the hut for the book and anything else important. Read the book and go to Apis (Pullid), then go to Kivi. When you talk to Marco there should be an option to tell him you are a pilgrim. Answer his questions correctly according to the book(1. "To deepen my understanding of Spencer Rice's teachings." 2. "Reading the original granite plates and speaking with the head Shaman" 3. "Of course. We'll paint our faces green and will sing songs in plant language asking the crops to grow tall and strong like Spencer Rice himself."). Then enter the camp and talk to Orion. If you ask her to attack Drekar she will deny, saying they are peaceful. Orion does not tell you much else that is important. Go to Pullid now and speak with Apis. He will tell you about a Saxaul tree where you can meet Lois. Upon arriving you talk to Lois. Nothing really matters in these conversations.

Evil path: Go to Drekar now and tell Fanfir about the Saxaul tree. He will send warriors to kill Lois, and tells you to speak with Calvin in New Serino. When you get there, Calvin tells you that you need to do something for him before he tells you where Olaf is. 

Good path: Speak to Sigurd and he will tell you of Spencer Rice. You can travel to Araten and bring Spencer back to the Kivi Camp. Spencer will ask you to go to negotiate with Fanfir. Speak to him and return to Kivi. Explain that Drekar are only saying they are leaving and they will not stop their behavior. Kivi will send out warriors to attack. Yo can join in to take out a group or two (or all). 

Middle of the road? path: Talk to Kukul to get convince him he should attack. He will ask for support. You can go to Drekar and tell Fanfir of Kukul's plan. He will send out warriors to eradicate Lintu. Then you can go to Pullid/Saxaul tree and tell Lois that they are weak because of the attack. She will send out her warriors. 

Old Walkthrough 2[]

While speaking to Kukul, use dialogues that suggest you are against the Drekar but also support the Pullid and avoid asking for help with speaking to the Drekar as doing so may lower your reputation. Head for the Pullid Camp to speak with Apis. You should be able to tell him that you wish to help the Pullid drive away the Drekar. He'll ask you to deliver him 5 cleavers and 50 crossbow bolts. You can obtain cleavers and crossbow bolts from the merchant in the Lintu Camp or get crossbow bolts from Drekar raiders. It is possible to get cleavers from Lintu scouts but not recommended as it's not worth making an enemy of the Lintu. You do not have to get them all at the same time and can slowly give them to Apis in small amounts. Once you have given all the cleavers and bolts, Apis will tell you the appointed time to meet with Lois, which is 12 hours. In order to wait, you just have to go out in the map, put your mouse cursor over the date, and then watch the time at the top left corner and wait for it to be 12 hours after you started.You will only get two chances to meet with Lois, if you miss both appointments then you can no longer take this mission path.When you meet with Lois, you'll be told to get some books about the Kivi religion and that you can get it by speaking with Kukul in the Lintu Camp. Speaking with Kukul tells you about a hut north of the Lintu Camp and the book being in it. There are 2 rovers (3 if hard), one will always be armed with a Lugar P08. After obtaining the book, you'll need to speak with Apis and then go to Kivi Camp and get quizzed on your Spencerism. You can give the book to Kukul after this and get reputation. While being quizzed, if you get too many answers wrong you'll be turned away and forced to find another way in (Possible there may not be another). The correct answer with the dialogues being numbered from top to bottom is 2, 1, 2. Once inside, you can speak to Orion, who will tell you that the Kivi won't fight and that Sigurd is alive and in the camp. Afterwards, speak with Sigurd who will tell you about the real Spencer Rice and that you need to convince him to convince the Kivi about the war. He'll be located at Araten, in the Alkubra region. It is better to get the location of New Serino from Lois at Saxual Tree and use New Serino as a waypoint for resupplying since it lessens the distance you need to travel in a single stretch. Once you arrive in Araten and speak with Spencer Rice....

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