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Workforce Merchants

Main Office



To organize slavery





Dolland Truffle


Dolland Trıuffle

"Kay, I'll tell you. There's a thing called Workforce Merchants and it's a real plague. Before it appeared slavers were just separate groups that could be easily fought against. Now they are a huge union who all work for some epic Luthor from Tifk. They have more money and power than you can possibly imagine and nobody has guts to oppose them anymore."

- Kevin A about Workforce Merchants

"Look. We did not invent slavery. We only organized it. Believe me that before us slaves' conditions were much worse. Every slaver treated them as he wanted and now there are rules. Many things are prohibited. Slaves are treated much better now."

Calvin about Workforce Merchants

"Officially they are not part of the new Janubi government, but everybody knows that they financed and organized the last civil war and that the new government are just their puppets who do whatever their masters tell them to do."

- Nikuban about Workforce Merchants

The Workforce Merchants are a group of slavers. First time in the game can appear in New Serino, where Fafnir tells the protagonist where Olaf was delivered. The protagonist asks Calvin where Olaf is situated, but Calvin will ask the protagonist for a favor, tasking him to convince Kevin A sell the house, if possible and kill Kevin A, if necessary. And after that, Calvin tells to the protagonist where Olaf is situated.

If the player goes along the Slaver storyline they can go to Tifk and do jobs for the Workforce Merchants as random missions for extra money.