Your Bunker


Central Tribal Region (story mode)

Population (rounded to the nearest ten)


Special Industries

Carrot Cultivation

Potato Cultivation

Pea Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

Bean Cultivation


Bunker symbol in Chairman Brass' clothes

Your Bunker is a special location that is where you start closest to. The bunker was where you and Olaf originated from. The people in the bunker are almost completely isolated from the outside world, with the only connection being you and Olaf, the only scouts of your people. It exists in Story Mode only.

Locations Edit

Doctor Edit

  • Heals injured people for 0.00 per point
  • Provides eye surgery, upper limb surgery, and lower limb surgery for free

Your Room Edit

  • Free storage for 100 kg

Storeroom Edit

  • All of the town's produces are placed here and can be taken out for free
  • Items placed inside will vanish over time

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • Bean Cultivation
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Potato Cultivation
  • Carrot Cultivation
  • Pea Cultivation
  • Water Well

New Industries Edit

  • None

Special Characters Edit

  • Chairman Brass
    • Initiates the main story quest (Chairman Brass wants you to find Olaf and bring him back to the bunker.).
  • Emilia
    • Initiates optional quest (Emilia asked you to find information about her son's disease.)